Sun Surf Net Mega 100, 50 and 25 Load Volume Browsing Promo

Register to internet surfing via Sun Prepaid using your broadband with Surf Net Mega promos. From 25, 50 to 100 pesos load you can already avail their latest MB data browsing package.
Hey guys have you check the latest internet browsing promo of Sun Cellular? You can now surf longer by subscribing to their Surf Net Mega volume surfing.
In this case you are given certain amount of data based on your enrolled MEGA promo. You have the validity options that last a day, 3 days and 5 days to consume the inclusive volume of data. Like for example, you are enrolled to MEGA100 and your inclusive consumable is 500MB that cost you 100 pesos. That 500MB will last up to 5 days unless it is not fully consumed before it reaches to last day validity.

Sun Cellular MEGA LOAD promo
Sun Megaload Promo (image credit:

How to register Sun Broadband MEGA LOAD promo

Surf Net Mega 25

To register: Text MEGA25 to 247
25 pesos internet surfing
150MB data
Valid for 1 day

Surf Net Mega 50

To register: Text MEGA50 to 247
50 pesos internet browsing
250MB data
Valid for 3 days

Surf Net Mega 100

To register: Text MEGA100 to 247
100 pesos internet browsing
500MB data
Valid for 5 days

The good thing on this Sun Cellular Prepaid MEGA promo is that you only pay less than the usual UNLISURF promo. With this you need to estimate your internet usage then select on the options above which you think your consumption fits in.

For updates, you can visit our site or go directly to Sun Cellular website by visiting


  1. Anonymous3/14/2015

    ask ko lng po. pede po bang palitan ung sim ng sun pocket wifi tapos ito ung iload? pede po b un?

  2. Anonymous10/25/2015

    pede pede po yan, palitan mo yung sim ng sun pocket wifi tapos ito ung iload mo.,. peace out brother :)

  3. available pa po b ang pr0m0 na t0?thawmk u

  4. Pwede po ba mag-avail nyan kahit naka-load ako under TU200?


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