List of Wechat App chat Codes for Falling Emoticons

Surprise your chat mate friends and love ones with these Wechat codes for falling objects on your inbox or group chats. Just type those codes on the list and you’ll see how amazing it works for you and to other chatters.
Wechat app gained more users and popularly used in Asian countries the fast few years up to present.
It offers free video calls, audio conference, chat and other social networking features. If you missed our previous about post where we tackle some of its main features, feel free to look back and check it our here. We already give you a simple tip before on how to post text status on your Wechat moments .

Wechat Falling Codes

Here’s a few list of chat codes you can use in Wechat:

There are many ways to maximize your Wechat experience and of this is the falling object on the chat conversation.  Wechat has a feature where you need to type a code that triggers falling emoticons and that’s what we are trying to compile it here. As of my observation these some falling codes are adapted from world events like for example World Cup, sports, seasons and other events.

1. xoxo
2. happy birthday
3. i miss you
4. cium

You may try the few given list and see if works. To test, try typing those words and check if you can see falling emoticons like birthday cake, falling stars and flying kiss and heart smiley.

If you know other codes which is not listed above, please feel free to drop it on our comment box for us to update and add it to our list.