Sun Cellular Add P2 Promo to enjoy FB2, CHAT2 and SURF2 for 1 day

You can now browse Facebook, chat on Viber, Wechat, Line and even surf on your mobile for only 2 pesos with the latest Sun Cellular promo Add2.
After Smart and Talk N Text (TNT) announced FB2 promo where you can access unlimited Facebook for only 2 pesos in 1 day.
Sun Cellular now join this 2 pesos add-on craze on your current registered promo to access unli FB. But there’s more with Sun Cellular, all their subscribers can select add on options like unlimited Facebook, Wechat, Line, Viber and surfing for P2 within 24 hours.

This promo is available on selected Sun Prepaid loads, in case you’re currently registered to a promo go try Add2 to get more on than usual.

Sun Cellular FB 2 Promo
Angel Locsin on Sun Cellular ADD P2 Prepaid Promo (Image credit: @sundeals)

How to register Sun FB 2 Promo?

You must be enrolled to selected call and text unlimited, call and text combo and text unli promo for you to be eligible on the service.
Once you’re registered, just dial *247#2# and try this latest promo.

Here’s the options you can choose:

FB 2

Unlimited Facebook
Validity: 1 day
Price: 2 pesos only


5MB mobile internet browsing
Validity: 1 day/ 24 hours
Price: 2 pesos only


Unlimited Viber, Wechat and Line
Validity: 1 day
Price: 2 pesos only

For details and updates of this promo you can visit Sun Cellular website or check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.


  1. Anonymous8/18/2014

    I've already registerd FB2 and received a confirmation from Sun but why can't I open FB?

    1. Anonymous8/28/2014

      Turn ON your Data Connection

  2. Anonymous9/09/2014

    Super slow...useless... mawawalan kapa ng regular load kasi naka On ang data connection at may mga apps kang naka On din kaya mababasan regular load..

  3. Anuano ba yung selected promos na pwedeng mag add2?

  4. Anonymous11/25/2015

    Hindi ko mahanap yung add2 promo sa ussd code...please help...thanks


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