iPhone iOS 7 Close an App by Swiping Up Thumbnails in Task Manager

iPhone iOS 7 new way to close all running apps in background is by tapping the home and swiping the opened apps upward or going up.
I'm expecting that your iPhone device is now updated to iOS7 and you’re totally new with the user interface.
Though there are few users having trouble on updating their smartphone and tablet but you have lot of options to accomplish a successful update. Now that you're running and starting to know what's new with iOS 7 we're sharing you one of the noticeable and slightly changed function on your iPhone's task manager.
Task manager
This is where you can see all the running apps and task you recently did on your device. You can also close all those apps running in background that may eat your battery power even if you are not using it.

How to Use iOS 7 Task Manager

In older iOS version, you need to double tap your iPhone or iPad home button to open the task manager to see all the running apps and open applications. It will display unclosed applications with red con on the upper left (power off, shutdown or close button) corner of the icon. Tapping that portion will close and forced to shut down the running app.

In iOS 7, steps are almost the same:

  1. On your iPhone home menu, double tap the Home button.
  2. It will display all opened apps with icon below and thumbnails above on it.
  3. To close the selected app, swipe the thumbnail going up.

You can swipe going left and right to navigate all the running apps of your iPhone. Meanwhile, to help you more about this we posted a video below for you to watch how the steps above are done.