Switch or Change Touchpal Keyboard to Original Android Keypad

Switch and turn back to Android keyboard after using Touchpal keypad on your smartphone. Just follow simple tips and steps on how to do it.
Some Android smartphones left no manual on how to turn on and off or switch back to original keyboard when trying other installed keypad type like TouchPal.
TouchPal keyboard is pre-installed on some phone brand like ZTE or you can download the APK file for free at Google Play Store.
Switch or Change Touchpal Keyboard
Switch Touchpal to Original Android keyboard

How you tried using this type of keyboard on your Android phone? It’s fast and fun to learn as you will just swipe your finger or stylus from one letter to another and the keypad will form the words for you. While you’re on the learning stage and starting to appreciate this input method you’ll be missing the original keyboard on your phone. Some user having hard time finding how to turn back to the default the TouchPal (X) keypad to Android QWERTY keyboard. Looking the steps below will help you picture out how to switch your keyboard back and forth.

Turning on your Touchpal Keyboard

If this is pre installed on your phone, you can turn it on easily by just holding the space bar button when you’re writing or composing a message. Pop up options will appear with given options on what time of keyboard you are going to use. Just select Touchpal input method and that’s it.

Switch or change back to Original Keyboard

Switching back is quite not easy for other phone as tapping the space bar again won’t give you the option to return back to Android keyboard. Below are the steps that you can follow on switching back to your default keyboard.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, go to Messaging or any app that requires input.
  2. Tap on the compose message and put the cursor active or typing mode.
  3. Once the keyboard will pop up, this is the time to check options on switching back to normal keypad.
  4. On the blank space while the cursor is blinking try to tap and hold for 2-3 seconds and see if input method selection will appear. If yes, then that’s the time you need to select Android keyboard to switch back to normal.
  5. If not, try looking at the top portion of your Android phone in line with the battery percentage, signal bar, time and Wi-Fi icon. If you can see Keyboard icon then that’s another clue, swipe it down and choose the input method.
  6. That’s it guys, if you have other way on turning back or switching off different keyboard on your Android phone please feel free to drop a comments below.