Globe Telecom gives Unli and Premium Spotify Access to GoSurf Subscribers

Enjoy music streaming via Spotify while subcribing to Globe prepaid and postpaid GOSURF promo. Plus get a premium account access up to 30 days.
Change your usual way of creating your playlist and storing your music as Globe now partner Spotify.
One of the world's popular music streaming site that offers free and paid music streaming using your desktop, mobile and tablet. The app is available on Google Play Store for Android, iTunes for Apple iOS devices, Windows Apps store for Windows Phone and even via web streaming. Using Spotify gives you an access to your favourite foreign and local (OPM) hits then add it to your playlist instantly while you're on the go.

Spotify Globe

Globe Spotify plans

If you're a prepaid subscriber, Globe is rolling out the 24 hours access to Spotify to users who are enrolled or registered to GoSurf10. The good news on this is that you're allocated free MB of data surfing on GoSurf promo will not be deducted as Spotify streaming is free. You'll still enjoy the bundled service plus the added access to this music portal.


GoSURF10 - gives you access 10MB of data plus Spotify for 24 hours.


GoSURF 299 - gives you 700MB of data valid for 30 days including Spotify Premium access.
GoSURF 999 - gives you with 5GB of data plus Spotify Premium access.

You can also access ads free music streaming by upgrading your account to premium for only P129 monthly promotional offer. Giving you more enjoyable Spotify experience like highest audio quality, uninterrupted music playing and an option for offline music listening.


  1. The spotify is not free at all.. theres a certain limit of mb allocated for it. So if u consumed it already then it will eat the remaining mb of your data to death. No good offer!

  2. Anonymous6/08/2014

    Globe's internet promos tend to fool a lot of consumers.. shame on you guys! I am a globe user since 1998 and is very much disappointed of them.

    1. Anonymous7/29/2014

      If you are then why are you still using it? Duh!

  3. so postpaid gosurf299 will give you every month a premium spotify or its just for the first month of your subscription??

  4. I still use globe because I dont have any option, even tho they sucked!


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