Apply and Renew your NBI Clearance in Hassle-Free Way via Online

NBI's new system for applicant who wants to renew or apply for NBI clearance can now access their form and process it online.
Is your NBI Clearance need for renewal? Or it's you first time to apply for this important document? Securing this form has many purpose and may used on both local and abroad. Most local applicants secure this form for employment, permit, business purposes, NSO and other government and non-government requirements. For abroad this is commonly use for travel, VISA, immigration, passport and other related matters.

NBI Clearence Online Application

Application of NBI Clearence

Like what every applicant experienced, long queue, long wait, hassle and wasted time and money just to be cleared from NBI. Those words will always tagged when we are talking about application and renewal of this clearance. Application has different processing system in national cities and provincial applicants, I mean there are satellite stations or branches that processes only limited number applicants. Some experienced sleepless nights right beside the NBI office just make sure that they will be first in line on the following day when it opens. There are lot of experiences on every applicants, if you happen to be here on this blog you can share it also suing the comment box below.

eClearance Online REgistration System

NBI Clearence Online Application

Good new to all of us guys, Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that starting tomorrow 24th of January 2014 you could now apply for NBI clearance online. As per DOJ's advisory this system implement solutions, eliminates long queues and may simplify the application process. This is now runs by DOJ under NJIS as part of upgrades of the old running system. You can access their new NBI clearance application website via following URL's listed below.

Note: You need to wait for few minutes or seconds depending on your internet speed. Just refresh or reload if the webpage doesn't appear.

Application Process

If you want to register online, use the official NBI clearance website URL provided above then all the required fields with red asterisk sign. Don note also that there are special instructions for AKA or nickname where you need to put dash (-) symbol instead of blank to proceed on submission process. Below are the fields that you need to fill.

Application Type *
Presented ID *
-SSS 06-1234567-1
-TIN 111-222-333
Purpose *
Purpose Details *
Dropdown list
-Local Employment
-Travel Abroad
-LTO Requirements
-ID purposes

Application Information

Last Name *
First Name *
Middle Name *
Gender *
Nick Name
AKA / Other Name
Civil Status *
Date of Birth *
Birth Place *
Citizenship *

Once you’re done filling those fields, just click submit. Please be informed also that go your nearest NBI site for payment and biometric enrollment for the release of your clearance.