Cherry Mobile Titan PRO, with Gesture Pen Stylus just like Samsung's Note

Another affordable phone to watch out, Cherry Mobile Titan PRO is the latest Android smartphone in our local market that features G-PEN (Gesture Pen) stylus,12-megapixels shooter and more.
After teasing some photo of a Stylus, Cherry Mobile finally announced their newest smartphone called Titan PRO. This phone comes with a Stylus in it just like Samsung Galaxy Note phones where you can draw, sketch, email and text like a pro. You can be more creative and flexible in interacting you phone screen with the help of this new Cherry Mobile Gesture Pen. By just activating the button on the side of G-Pen you can easily use the special gestures or even take a screenshot without pressing a combo buttons.

Cherry Mobile Titan PRO,
Titan PRO on G-PEN (Image Credit:

Titan PRO Features and Specs

Cherry Mobile Titan PRO is a 5-inch HD (high definition) and may fall under 1280x720 screen resolution. Some few specs added on their teaser photo is the quad core processor and the 12 megapixels rear camera.

That feature that marketed here is the Gesture Pen, having this can gives you an advantage and ease of using your phone instaead of touching the buttons and icons with your fat fingers. It gives you precise output on what is triggered on the screen avoiding errors and less time consumed correcting what you are currently doing. A perfect fit to those who want a phone that handle all your works like a PRO.

As of now those are the only confirmed specification provided from their FB page, we'll update this post once Cherry Mobile announced the full details of this handset. For the cost expect this as another affordable smartphone from the company as they are known local brand to offer competitive price on their products.