Change Prolink PRT7001H Web UI Configuration Page Password

To change and access your mobile hotspot configuration page settings, you need to key-in the default IP address of the type your desired password or you may tweaks other router advanced options.
Prolink PRT7001H is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that uses your network provider cellular data services. It can reach up to 21.6Mbps speeds as long as your provider offer internet speed to the point but here in Philippines you cannot expect that it will reach to that range if you're only using their usual 3G/4G network unless you're on LTE network. This device is open on both prepaid and postpaid users, all you have to do set the configuration manually or the SIM of your network already loaded the pre-configured settings. To explore more of Prolink PRT7001H settings you need to login to the router page by keying in the username and password via web UI.
Prolink PRT7001H

How to access Prolink PRT7001H router web interface?

If you haven't altered any Prolink PRT7001H settings you can access it router page by typing on your web browser the IP address or UR, follow the steps below.

Prolink PRT7001H

  1. Power on the device and connect the USB cable to your PC or desktop.
  2. Open your internet browser i.e Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, then type the router/modem URL the hit enter.
  3. Key in your configured password then enter the default password for Prolink PRT7001H which is 'password'.
  4. Go to Settings tab, and then click on Advanced menu.
  5. Click on Management to open Administrator settings of the router/modem.
  6. To modify or change the router password you need to enter the current password the type your desired new password.
  7. Click Apply for the changes to take effects.

Note: Next time you login to the router page, use your newly created password instead of providers default password.