Cherry Mobile Superion series Voyager and Discover 3G tablet

Another tablet from Cherry Mobile with the price of below 5000 pesos that has SIM card slot and 3G capable. Superion Discover and Voyager runs on Jellybean with call and text functions.
Just today, Cherry Mobile introduces their latest new Superion series tablets with Sim card slot and 3G capability. After they posted a status yesterday on their Facebook, CM updated their cover photo with two new SMS and Call capable tablets flyer. The image includes few specification details like screen size, Android OS, network capability, price and functions. 
Cherry Mobile Superion Voyager and Discover
Cherry Mobile Superion Voyager (Right) and Discover (Left)

Cherry Mobile Superion Voyager and Discover features

Full specs is not yet announced, for now you can take a quick view of Cherry Mobile Superion Discover and Voyager on image below.

Cherry Mobile Superion Voyager

  • Android Jellybean
  • 8-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • XGA display
  • 3G connectivty
  • With Sim card slot
  • SMS and Call function
  • Price: 4999 pesos

Cherry Mobile Superion Discover

  • Android Jellybean
  • 7-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • 3G connectivity
  • With SIM card slot
  • SMS and Call function
  • Price: 3999 pesos

Superion series is another affordable tablet you can get from Cherry Mobile that has all the important functions you can benefit not just for gaming. Aside from Wi-Fi connectivity, you can make use of its 3G capability in connecting to a cellular network for faster internet browsing. 

Cherry Mobile Superion 3g tablet
Cherry Mobile post from FB page about Superion Discover and Voyager

Both tablet has a SIM slot that can able to make and receive call, send and receive text messages and both are running on Jellybean OS.