Cherry Mobile Jellybean Life with price of below 3000 pesos

Buy a new Android Jellybean phone for only 2999 pesos, key features are dual core processor, 4 inch screen and 3G/HSPA+ capability only from Cherry Mobile.
Cherry Mobile is back again for another budget friendly offer. The newest Android phone of the company dubbed as Cherry Mobile Life.  A dual core phone with 3G/HSPA+ capability for cellular networks internet required services. Cherry Mobile welcomes you the fun on this latest dual core phone as it only cost you 2999 pesos. For specs, they only revealed few features like 4-inch display, Jellybean 4.2 Android OS, HSPA+ connectivity and sporting a dual core processor.

Cherry Mobile Life

More about Cherry Mobile Life features

Knowing those key features is reasonable for the price below 3000 pesos, just stay tune as we keep you posted with other specifications and details.

Details you need to know about CM Life:

  • Battery life
  • RAM (memory)
  • Internal storage
  • Chipset
  • Screen resolution and type
  • Other connectivity features
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