Sun free Chat on CTU25 using WhatsApp and All Net Text Promo

Sun Cellular added free IM chat using WhatsApp for free on their CTU25 promo along with unli Sun calls and all net texts for only 25 pesos.
Sun Cellular reloaded their unli Sun calls and text to all networks, your favorite CTU 25 promo now comes with free unlimited chat using WhatsApp messenger. Promo price is still the same when you register on this service. No need for you to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot when using the app, with your 25 pesos you can have unli chat with WhatsApp.

KC Concepcion on new CTU25 promo (IMG credit: Sun Cellular)

How to Register CTU25 with free Chat

Just text CTU25 to 247

  • Unlimited all network texts
  • Unli Sun calls
  • Unlimited WhatsApp chat
  • Validity:  1 day
  • Amount: 25 pesos

If you don’t have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone, do note this downloading this app cost you regular browsing rate. If I we’re you download the app over a free Wi-Fi hotspot or you can register to Sun Unlimited Internet promo.

This is a good news to all Sun subscribers as the company is now starting to offer affordable promos with added services and options like Smart promos. In case you don’t know yet Sun and Smart are on the same business group, expect more Smart like offers on both prepaid and postpaid.