Sun Winner Text 10 promo with unli text and free Mobile Internet

Sun Cellular reloaded their WINNERTXT 10 promo with free limited minutes of calls and mobile internet browsing for only 10 pesos with a validity period of 1 day. Register via load conversion, just text the promo code to 247.
Stay always connected for just 10 pesos only from Sun Cellular’s WINNERTXT 10 promo. From text, call and mobile surfing you can have that all day in one budget friendly promo. To those who want a bundled free Facebook, you can also register to Sun’s WINNERTXT 15 for only 15 pesos valid for one day. If you want a cheaper price then go for this promo see the details below, just convert you regular load by texting the promo key code.
Sun Winner Text 10
Judy Ann Santos on Sun cellular WINNERTXT 10 promo (IMG credit: suncelldeals)

How to register Sun Winner Text promo?

Just text WIN10 to 247
Wait for the confirmation message, once received you are now ready to text, call and browse using WINNERTXT promo from Sun.

  • Unlimited Sun texts
  • 10 minutes Sun calls
  • 10 minutes mobile internet
  • Amount: 10 pesos
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Promo code: WIN10 to 247

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