Sun Cellular uses Opera Mini Browser for their 1-day unli internet promo

Sun Cellular unveiled their latest unli mobile internet browsing promo called OPERA15 that uses only Opera Mini browser to connect to the internet. It on cost you 15 pesos for one day unlisurf and you’ll able browse the on phone.
Do not miss the latest happenings and trending topics every day. With Sun Cellular, you can enjoy browsing on your mobile phone with their latest OPERA15 unlimited internet promo. For only 15 pesos, you can now get online for 1 day using the free mobile browser Opera Mini, just download it on your phone or if you have that pre installed then just use it when you register to this promo. 

Sun Cellular OPERA15
You don’t need to worry about these third party browser, it is available on almost all mobile platform from low end to high end as long as it capable to browse with wireless network.

How to Register Sun OPERA 15

Just text OPERA15 to 247

  • Unlisurf using Opera Mini browser
  • Only 15 pesos
  • Valid for 1 day

If you want 7 to 30 days validity of internet surfing, check Opera Mini Unlisurf Promo.

To be able to use this promo correctly, make sure that you are using Opera Mini mobile browser as this only apply to that browser. Using default or other third party browser or mobile internet needed apps may charge Sun regular surfing rate.

Opera Mini browser
Opera Mini homepage
Opera Mini browser can be installed on a Java capable phone, Nokia Symbian S40, S60, Android, Blackberry, iPhone iOS and other platform. Just load your SIM with the required amount of 15 pesos and your good to browse the day.


  1. Cno po naka nakagamit ng promo na to? any comment po or rating or problems? ayaw kasi sakin eh.

  2. Anonymous9/21/2013

    Ayaw din gumana sa akin yan eh. Tried it about three times na. Sayang lang pera ko.

  3. Anonymous3/17/2014

    go to setting>wireless and networks> mobile networks and check use packet data then go to access point names and choose sun wap.


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