Sun TU200 - 30 days Unli FB, Unlitext, Calls and Chats for 200 Pesos

Sun Cellular revamps TU200 text unlimited promo with more free texts to other networks plus unli Facebook and chat app access.
Good news to Sun Cellular subscribers who love to register 1 month unli text promo, you can enjoy the new Power Text Unlimited 200 now with 1000 free texts to all networks . If you …

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Good news to Sun Cellular subscribers who love to register 1 month unli text promo, you can enjoy the new Power Text Unlimited 200 now with 1000 free texts to all networks.
If you remember TU200 has only 500 free other network SMS before they recharged this. It also come with 4 hours Sun calls aside from 24/7 texting for 30 days.

Sun TU200
Judy Ann Santos on Sun Cellular Power Text Unlimited TU200

How to Register TU200 Promo

Sun Cellullar added more services when you subscribe to their  TU200 promo. Aside from unlimited text to all networks, TRINET call is now up to 5 hours plus free Facebook and chat using FB, Viber and more.

To register:

Just text TU200 to 247

Or you can inquire to your Sun Xpressload retailer to avail.


  • Unlimited Sun texts
  • 5 hours Sun, Smart, Talk ‘N Text calls and PLDT
  • 1,000 texts to other networks
  • Free Facebook
  • Nonstop Chat**
  • Spinnr access

It’s bigger and 2 times more power plus free text that you can consume the whole month. Another good news to Sun users, they are now improving their signal quality for you to continue enjoy their services and promos. You can visit Sun Text Unlimited website and social media pages for more updated prepaid offers.


  1. Anonymous10/01/2013

    how do i check when's the expiration date of my TU200, i forgot when exactly i registered for the promo, and i believe sometimes i'm not receiving the alert that the promo's about to expire. thanks!

  2. Anonymous10/05/2013

    Dial *221# and press call button, and you will receive a few messages about the promo.

  3. Anonymous11/10/2013

    until when is the promo?

    1. Anonymous1/23/2014


    2. Anonymous7/29/2016

      May free data facebook ba ang Tu200? mkaka google rin ba ako nito or youtube then viber?

  4. Anonymous12/06/2013

    do i need to load more than Php 200 before I can register?

  5. Anonymous11/26/2014

    i load TU200 last nov 21 but i didn't recieved it the retailer whom i made the loading recieved confirmation,what should we do?pls need help...sayang nmn yung 200 ko

  6. Anonymous3/20/2015

    Pwede po b tu200 tpos unlisurf sabay?tia

  7. Nagpa load ako april 6 2015 nang tu200 bakit naka lagay sa aking na ma expire yun calls ko april 9 2015 diba within 30 days pa ma expire? anong ibig sabihin nyan?

  8. Anonymous4/09/2015

    nagpa load ako april 6 2015 nang tu200 bakit yun calls ko ma expire in april 9 2015 diba within 30 days yan pag ma expire? ano to?

  9. active pa po ba to promo na to?

  10. pano kaya iyan kung dalawang beses syang naipaload sa isang araw? makecarry over ba ito next month? thanks

  11. as of my 3rd day today, ayaw magregister ni TU200 sa 247. please help. kung ano bago promo

  12. I cannot register my tu200..ndi po xa nagsesend napindot ko ung never allow kasi babawasin load kpag niregister q.. Paano gagawin ko para mkapg register po ako.. Tenk u

  13. Dati nakakapagregister ako sa sun broadband ng TU200, ngayon hindi na. Bakit ganun? Sayang 200 ko.

  14. Anonymous8/27/2016

    meron bang Free FB ang TU200?

  15. Im a tu200 subscriber but why cant i call pldt?her is my balance inquiry:

    Texts to other networks: 27,647 Exp: 05/24/2017 11:13. TriNet calls: 2,219 mins Exp: 05/24/2017 10:02. Data: 211.413 MB Exp: 05/12/2017 13

  16. How to call PLDT number? It says i dont have sufficient load.

  17. Anonymous5/18/2017

    I think, you must include area code before calling any pldt number.

  18. I loaded my number with TU 200. I can't open my FB Account. it always say no internet connection. i already open my data but its still not working. please help me..

  19. nagpa load po ako tu200 db 5hrs call to smart sun and talk n txt pero wla pa 2hrs nagamit ko hnd na maitawag sa smart and talk txt pero sa sun naitatawag pa

  20. how to call pldt using sun with TU200 load?

  21. Anonymous11/18/2019

    how can I call to a landline no.? Updated na kasi landline nos. natin.

    I always get, "you have no balance chuhuchuchu"

  22. Is the non stop chat can use to call messenger or viber nonstop??


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