Sun Cellular Opera Mini Unlimited Mobile Internet Browsing Promo

Sun Cellular now lets you enjoy unlisurf mobile internet using Opera Mini with OPERA15, 80, 160 adn 299 from 1 day to 30 days. Text the promo code to register.
Sun Cellular offers various options for to connect to the internet, aside from using your default mobile browser they give us an options to use only a third party browser called Opera Mini. Opera Mini is one of the best mobile browsers that you can use on your mobile smartphone, it renders the page fast and smooth as it compresses the page to offer the best internet speed and solution for mobile browsing.

Sun Cellular Opera Mini

How to Register OPERA MINI promo of Sun Cellular

Just like Smart Big Offer, Sun offers OPERA15, OPERA80, OPERA160 and OPERA299 unlimited internet access using Opera Mini mobile browser from 1 day up to 30 days. For OPERA 80, it give you 7 days unlisurf for only 80 pesos, OPERA 160 gives you 15 days unlimited internet for only 160 pesos and the last is 299 pesos only by registering to OPERA 299 promo.


Download Opera (Opera Mini depends on your phone storage, but if you want save memory space better choose to download Opera Mini) via or just simply search in your mobile browser via Google. Install the app on your phone then use the keyword below to register.

For OPERA 15

Text OPERA15 to 247
  • Unli internet using Opera Mini
  • 15 pesos only
  • Validity 1 day

Sun Cellular OPERA15 
For OPERA 80

Text OPERA80 to 247
  • Unli internet using Opera Mini
  • 80 pesos only
  • Validity 7 days

For OPERA 160

Text OPERA160 to 247
  • Unli internet using Opera Mini
  • 60 pesos only
  • Validity 15 day

For OPERA 299

Text OPERA299 to 247
  • Unli internet using Opera Mini
  • 299 pesos only
  • Validity 30 days