Sun Cellular lets you use free Twitter on your mobile phone

Good news to Sun Cellular subscribers, you can browse your Twitter feeds and post unlimited tweets for free on a limited time using your Sun SIM. Use the correct settings to enjoy this service.
If you do have a Twitter account I'm sure you'll notice the notification on your Twitter homepage advertising a free at limited browsing access using Sun Cellular. All sun subscribers can now enjoy a free tweet to their followers and friend just key in the provided URL on your mobile browser address bar and you’re good to send a tweet. No data charges needed, as long as you are using a Sun SIM card on your mobile phone you're entitled to enjoy this limited time promo. Same service with what Smart offered to all their subscribers.

Sun Free Twitter

How to avail Sun free Twitter access?

  • Use your Sun SIM and make sure that the internet settings on your mobile is activated and working. In case you missed our post, you may refer How to Activate Sun GPRS settings.
  • Make sure that you have a good signal on your area when you are trying to access free mobile Twitter.
  • Do check if you selected the correct access point before access the given URL.
  • Use wap APN to connect. Alternatively, you can also try minternet and check if it works for you.
Do note that this services runs for a limited time. For updates, do visit Sun Cellular website or follow their Twitter account.