Sun Cellular best Value Plan 200, your SIM card has it all

Best value plan from Sun Cellular that cost only 200 pesos per monthly then you can enjoy unlimited Sun texts with call and mobile internet with your SIM.
Sun announces another budget friendly plan to all their subscribers, for only 200 pesos a month you can do all you want with your SIM. A plan that caters all you want from a network, from texting, calling and even browsing. You can have that with Sun Cellular Value Plan 200. A SIM only plan that serves as your wireless buddy to connect to your love ones and friends.

Sun Value Plan 200

How to apply Sun Value Plan 200 and features

  • Postpaid SIM card
  • Unlimited Sun texts
  • 2 hours Sun calls
  • 500 texts to other networks
  • 2 hours mobile internet
  • Plan price: 200 monthly

What's good with this plan is you got texts to other networks aside from unli text plus the free 2 hours internet browsing giving you a chance to be updated with your online contacts.

If you don’t to be tied up with a monthly, you can try Sun Cellular other text promos like  Power Text Unlimited or text to all networks promo  CTC50 or you can also try their Opera Unli Internet Promos.

For applications and other questions you can visit the nearest Sun Shop on your area or your or take a minute to check the list of requirements.