Samsung Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 amazing Globe bundle is Coming

Globe Telecom is now ready for your pre orders of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy 3 watch on their postpaid plan offers. Be the first to know th plan price by filling up the page.
After with deliver you the news about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear watch Smart bundles, Globe Telecom is now also preparing on the same bundle as their pre-order page is now open to everyone who’s interested to own this gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3
Be the first to own this two gadgets when it hits Globe and experience how this two gadget works together to design your life. Get amaze on What Galaxy Note 3 can do than the latest Apple iPhone in terms of display, camera, storage and other features.

Know more about Galaxy Note 3 and Gear Release

No confirmation yet if this will be under LTE Plan, since Note 3 is LTE capable expect it to be part of LTE bundled gadgets that comes with unlimited LTE data on selected cities nationwide. 

If you are too excited to know the plan pricing on postpaid and prepaid, you can proceed to their order page and fill in your details for you to catch all the updates.  

To those who are asking on the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 here in Philippines, we spotted a flyer with the price tag of the handset that cost 36,990 pesos.