Buy Prepaid Nano SIM card from Smart - a LTE powered network

Smart a LTE powered network offers Nano SIM card on prepaid for the price of 100 pesos. Smart also is the first telco to offer prepaid LTE to all their subscribers.
Forget about Smart prepaid LTE SIM for now, let's talk about one of latest SIM type that was introduced last year. It's nano SIM or the 4th generation form factor, this is what new phones SIM slot nowadays that comes with a nano size slot. Most network already offer this kind of SIM, if you are a Smart subscribers you can it on both prepaid and postpaid.
Smart Nano Sim
Smart Nano Sim and Micro SIM Price

Enough of cutting those regular and micro SIM to get a nano SIM from Smart, you can now have at a low price for only 100 pesos. This type of SIM is used in phones like iPhone 5 that and phone brand out there. If you're an iPhone 5 user here in Philippines of you have a phone that need s nano-SIM you can now get it a Smart, just go to your nearest Smart Wireless Center or you get it at any Smart SIM retailer for that price.

Smart Nano Sim price for prepaid users

Using Nano SIM, you can get the same regular type of network service from Smart unless it is LTE capable SIM. Talking about LTE SIM, Smart is the first telco here in PH to offer a prepaid LTE SIM that is capable of reaching the speed of up to 42Mbps. That’s pretty amazing right? A prepaid user can now experience that kind of speed on a mobile network without subscribing to a postpaid data plan.

If you’re asking me where to buy Smart prepaid LTE SIM? I’m also having hard time on finding this kind of prepaid SIM to experience Smart prepaid LTE speed since the area where I am located is in the list of Smart LTE coverage. For now, you can inquire at Smart Wireless Center or Smart store nearest you.