Globe use Services and Solutions of Google

Globe uses Google services and solutions aiming for paperless environment and enhancing mobility to serve customers.
We all know that Google has the answer; every internet user knows the word Google.  Globe Telecom Philippines recently announced on their press release about a change on their business solutions and tools. Globe now goes Google as their new tools to serve their customers in more flexible and better way.

Globe uses Google

Why Globe uses Google?

According to Globe President and CEO Mr. Ernest Cu:

“The decision to go Google will change the way we work as the new tools and applications will give our employees greater freedom to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere, using any device. We believe that a collaborative workforce enhances employee engagement which, in turn, will delight our customers,”

Most of us use Google so this move from Globe has an advantage to all who uses Google services like Gmail as a free email client, Google+ to connect and chat with each other, Google Drive to store all your works you did online and Google Calendar to organize business and personal schedules and alerts.

Google tools and services are all available online, from apps to business tools you can use it anytime and anywhere you want. No need for you to go back to where you store your personal and business files as you can access it online and even on smartphones.