Globe Telecom was awarded with Asia's Best Brand by CMO Asia Awards

Globe Telecom received Asia’s best brand award from CMO Asia. Globe confer as market leade both local and internation, represented with 25 Asian countries successful event held at Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore.
Globe Telecom is recognized as a best brand by CMO Asia, awarded as the market leader in telecommunication in both local and international sector. This is another international achievement by Globe business as a brand, boosting their confidence and presence as a telco business.
Globe Asia's Best Brand

The award is based on the following criteria that Globe Telecom stand as a brand

  • Mind Share - brands strength from consumers towards their respective product.
  • Market Share - company's market strength in terms of consumers actual buying behavior.
  • Commitment Share - business strength towards consumers about their products future standing.

As what Head of Globe Corporate added "Branding is important since it provides the interface between the consumers and the company and shows how much a service or product is accepted by the public. Currently, Globe continues to sustain its growth momentum complemented by robust subscriber acquisitions which leverage on the success of our various marketing efforts across all brands.  This Award, therefore, is proof that we are on the right track."

CMO Asia awards is represented by 25 countries in Asia and about 200 senior leaders and decision makers joined forces on this successful event held at Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore. The award recoginizes brand and company who has consistent innovation and strategic marketing.