End of ramadan Eid’l Fitr August 9, 2013 is declared as holiday in Philippines

August 9, 2013, declared as regular holiday under President Noynoy Aquino III’s proclamation no. 629. This is to honor and respect our Muslim brothers and sisters end of holy month Ramadan "Eidl Ftr" that will fall on Friday next week. This proclamation aims to promote cultural understanding and intergration according to Malacañang.

Holidays for 2013

End of ramadan Eid’l Fitr August 9, 2013 

This is not about double pay and rest day, it's all about giving respect and cooperation to our fellow Filipino Muslims not just in Philippines. This declared holiday doesn't represent the government or nation only but for each one of us, whether what religion we are into we should spare our time to give honor.Peace and love for us all!

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