TM ASTIGITXT20 International Text promo

TM (Touch Mobile) offers international text promo to all their prepaid subscribers. ASTIGITXT20 gives you 30 international and All-net texts for only 20 pesos valid for 1 day. All networks texts includes Globe, TNT, Smart, Sun and TM so you can text them even if they are using other network SIM. ASTIG2ITXT20 also lets you consume your international texts to 54 countries abroad.


How to Register Internet TM text Promo

This promo is only available to TM subscribers nationwide, if you’re using Globe you use their ITXTALL promo to text abroad at affordable rate. To register TM text ASTIGITXT20 promo just send the keyword provided below.

Just text I20 to 8888


30 international texts
ALL net texts
20 pesos only
Valid for 1 day

To know the list of countries you can text using ASTIGITXT20:

Just text I20 LIST to 8888 for free.

To check you remaining international text balance:

Just text I20 BAL to 8888

To stop or unsubscribe to ASTIGITXT20:

Just text I20 STOP to 8888.