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Just this week I keep receiving messages from Globe 2123 that is all about Facebook Mobile Text. I don't know why 2123 started sending that to my number, as far as I know I ha…

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Just this week I keep receiving messages from Globe 2123 that is all about Facebook Mobile Text. I don't know why 2123 started sending that to my number, as far as I know I have not subscribe to this kind of service or any other Facebook Mobile related promo. The hardest part of this is once you received that message from 2123 it will automatically deduct P2.50 on your current regular load balance.

Globe Facebook 2123
2123 Facebook Mobile Text
"Hi! You are now enjoying Facebook Mobile Text for only P2.50. You may now send up to 5 FB updates & Auto-Renew daily. you will be charged P1 for every additional update thereafter. To send a status update, text <status update> to 2123. For more info reply HELP. To unsubscribe, reply STOP FACEBOOK for free. Help? Call EGG hotline (02)840****, M-F 8am-5pm.”  from 2123.

How to stop Globe Facebook 2123

Try this keywords:

Just text STOP FACEBOOK  to 2123


Text OFF FB to 2123

Try also this:

STOP ALL to 2123

Hope it helps you. You can also call Globe Customer hotline and ask for assistance.


  1. It's really ANNOYING. it keeps on taking 2.50 from my load, arghhhhhh. i hope those keywords are effective!thanks!

  2. Anonymous8/29/2013

    Im experiencing the same. i already tried texting STOP to 2123. and then 3 hours later i received the notification AGAIN and 2.50 was still deducted. :(

  3. Anonymous1/17/2014

    i already called globe, but the agent said i dont have a subscription of such kind as seen in their system!!!sayang ang P2.50 a day...worst part mga one ko na tong na receive and my num is already 13yo so mahirap palitan ng sim...

  4. Anonymous4/12/2014

    "Text OFF FB to 2123" - This worked.

  5. Anonymous4/29/2014

    hey guys, I called the number registered above, the CSR asked for my number and they will deactivate my subscription; it will be effective by tomorrow... I'll update you guys, if they will keep their promise... ^_^

    1. Anonymous4/30/2014

      Hi! was it already deactivated?

    2. Anonymous5/06/2014

      yes! finally! the customer service representative kept her promise... ^_^

    3. Anonymous2/13/2016

      Thanks. It worked.

  6. Anonymous4/30/2014

    kakatawag ko lang sa Globe, hindi rin daw ako naka subscribe. Tumatawag ako sa EGG hotline, still busy parin.. kakainis!

  7. Anonymous3/01/2015

    I try STOP ALL but i don't know if it is working and stop sending me notification that always deduct my load every time i receive it>>>>

  8. Anonymous5/08/2015

    STOP ALL to 2123 worked! My subscription to 2123 is now terminated. Thanks for the information. I don't know that I was subscribed in 2123.

  9. Anonymous9/22/2015

    i thought it is just me. certainly the YUNDO and GLOBE are thieves!!!
    i just bought a new simcard and unaware of the subscription from 2123.

  10. Anonymous8/14/2016

    Di lng pla ako my ganito problem. Dati n pala. Kahit STOP bumabalik pa rin. Kahit ilan beses ko ireport babalik pa rin. Prang scam na to nababawasan load mo ng di ka naman nag susubscribe bsta kna lng mka recieve na txt sa 2123
    You have earned 10 to WIN a BRAND NEW FORD ECOSPORT! You are now enjoying Facebook Mobile Text, enjoy posting up to 60 credits that you may use to post, like, poke, and add a friend To send a status update, text to 2123. Help? Call (02)8873973. Til 2/7/2017/ Per DTI-FTEB SPD permit # 12207 s. 2016. See posters for details. This message is free.

    This message is free pero nabawasan kna ng 2.50-5.00. Kung hindi mo irereport agad sa Globe di mo na mabawi nabawas ��

  11. ako naman hindi nadededuct kaso nakaka 30x sila ng send, sobrang spam.


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