Get your own Wi-Fi hotspot with Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi on Prepaid and Postpaid Plan 999

Get you own broadband internet with Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi under postpaid plan 999, prepaid and LTE plan. You can use unlisurf promo using Smart Bro sim by registering Smart unlimited internet promo.
As what every one of us wants, we need to be connected to the internet anytime anywhere to read social networking updates, news and movies, videos and other internet surfing habit. Good thing Pocket Wi-Fi, broadband and Wi-Fi hotspot is now available, Smart offer their Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi broadband on prepaid and postpaid with lot of plan options you can choose based on your monthly budget. They also offer LTE pocket Wi-Fi and modem in case your area has an 4G/LTE signal.

Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi
To those who want a 24/7 internet connection on the go, select the best Smart Broadband plan to enjoy browsing while you are traveling, in school or other places where there is no free Wi-Fi hotspot available. Just a quick tip, if you want unlimited internet on your Smart Bro pocket Wi-Fi go for Plan 999 where you don't need to worry for additional charges and hours limit.

Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi Plan 999

  • Unlimited internet hours
  • Can serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot up to 5 WLAN enable devices
  • Speed is up to 7.2 Mbps (via Wireless signal, this could be GPRS, 3G, HSDPA)
  • Contract period is 24 months
  • Monthly charge: 999 pesos
  • Free Smart Bro pocket Wi-Fi with one time cash out of 800 pesos

If you're planning to avail Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi, you can get it for only P2895 pesos or you can buy it at Smart online store. Since it’s prepaid all you need it load you Smart Broadband SIM and you can now browse to the internet. You can also register to Smart Bro Unlisurf Promo, where you can enjoy discount if you avail longer unli internet validity.