Opera Mini for Android no Exit button by default

This may sound pretty basic but to those who are using Opera Mini on your Android smartphone and wondering where the exit button is located, this post might help you in a little way. One of the most popular mobile browsers Opera Mini is available on almost all platforms where you want to install it. I've use it since my Nokia Symbian phone and it works smooth and fast in terms of browsing to the internet.

It recently installed Opera Mini on my Android phone, first one that I tried is the Opera for Android that runs on beta on that time. I decided to uninstall the beta version and go back to Opera Mini mobile browser, installed it and works like a charm with no big issues. Aside best browsing experience offered, there are lots of Opera Mini mods where you can use it with free internet access. One thing I noticed on using Opera Mini for Android is the there is no exit button by default when you toggle the Opera menu.

How to add Opera Mini button on Android

  1. Toggle the Opera 'O' icon.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap Advanced.
  4. Look for Exit button then tap to On

Exit button

That's it.

Click back to go to Home menu, tap the Opera Mini 'O' icon again to check, there you go. You can now exit your Opera Mini browser in just a tap.