How to unsubscribe or stop GOUNLI30 promo registration from Globe

You need to register to a new promo and want to stop or unsubscribe the current promo you are in? Here's a simple tip for you with your GOUNLI30 promo, this is just an easy way to unsubscribe the promo by only texting the keyword provided below.


GOUNLI30 comes with unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited Globe and TM calls and unlimited Facebook that cost only 30 pesos valid for 1 day. The promo is very affordable considering the packaged offered, imagine you can make calls with no limit and all net text plus the added free Facebook site access.
If you want to stop or unsubscribe GOUNLI30 promo and Facebook data on this promo just follow the simple steps on how to do that.

How to STOP Globe GOUNLI30 promo

I'm sure you know how to register GOUNLI 30 and I'm sure you're reading this post because you want to stop this promo subscription.

Just text GOUNLI STOP to 8888 to stop the promo

To stop Facebook (FB) or DATA browsing in GOUNLI30:

Just text DATA STOP to 8888.