Extend your TM ASTIGCOMBO 15 and ASTIG COMBO 10 unli text promo for only 5 pesos

Here’s a good news to all TM subscribers, you can now extend your ASTIGCOMBO15 promo to extend your unli text and 30 minutes call for another day. Extending this promo only cost you 5 pesos while when you register it again for another 1 day cost you another P15 to avail the same network service. Good thing TM introduces theri TM extend promo that lets you extend selected promos for one more day in less than half the price of its regular amount.

TM Astig Combo 15 endorser Angelica Panganiban as seen on TV commercial
If you think your ASTIG COMBO 15 promo needs to be extended, all you have to do is text the code and you'll enjoy it another texting day. Never miss to reply your friend and love ones with this promo plus 30 minutes to Globe and TM subscribers.

How to Register and Extend your ASTIGCOMBO 15 promo from TM

To register just text the following code:

Text ASTIGCOMBO15 to 8888

Or you can text also:

Text AC15 to 8888

Unlimited texts to Globe and TM subscribers
30 minutes calls
15 pesos valid for 1 day

How to extend TM ASTIG COMBO 15?

To extend just text EXTEND to 8888 for only 5 pesos.

To stop this promo just text:

Just text AC15 STOP to 8888

For balance inquiry, just text AC15 BAL to check  the status and remaining minutes of call available on your ASTIG COMBO 15 promo.

AstigCombo is also available on more affordable denomination that cost only 10 pesos called ASTIGCOMBO10.

To register:

Just text ASTIGCOMBO10 to 8888.

Enjoy 10 minutes calls to TM/Globe 
50 text to all networks (Sun, Smart, Globe, Talk N Text)
10 pesos

Valid for 1 day.