Sun WINNER Text 15 promo gives you unlimited texts with calls and free Facebook

Sun Cellular offer a sure win with their WINNERTXT15 promo, for only 15 pesos you can now enjoy unli Sun texts with 5 calls and free internet access to Facebook. If you’re more on texting and updating your Facebook account status and chatting, you surely fit to register this winner promo from Sun. You can now get updates from your FB friends aside from sending SMS text to their respective mobile number. With your P15, just register to winner text promo by sending the key code below.
Sun WINNER Text 15 promo
Kiefer Ravena  endorses Sun WINNERTXT15

How to register Sun Cellular WINNERTXT15 promo

Just text WIN15 then send to 247

Unlimited Sun texts
5 minutes Sun calls
8 hours internet browsing on Facebook
Only 15 pesos valid for 1 day

To acitvate Facebook on your WINNERTXT15 promo, just text FB to 247.

WINNERTXT15 is an updated promo version of their WINNER TEXT 10 that only offers unli texts and 5 minutes worth of call. The pervious promo only cost 10 pesos with the validity of 1 day. This new WINNER TEXT 15 now with added Facebook access, which means for an additional P5 you can now browse 8 hours of FB. Promo until August 31, 2013.