Sun Cellular offers Coby Kyros 8065 tablet and Pocket WiFi free at Sun Plan 450

Latest Sun Cellular postpaid plan offer gives you a dual core tablet and Pocket Wi-Fi all for free at Plan 450 . For as low as 450 pesos a month you can now own a 8-inch Coby Kyros…
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Latest Sun Cellular postpaid plan offer gives you a dual core tablet and Pocket Wi-Fi all for free at Plan 450. For as low as 450 pesos a month you can now own a 8-inch Coby Kyros 8065 tablet that run on a dual core 1.2Ghz processor and 1GB installed RAM. Here’s more to that, you can also have the Pocket WiFi along with the tablet plus free internet surfing of 35 hours under Plan 450 and unlimited browsing if you avail that 2 gadgets on Sun Plan 899. Using Pocket Wi-Fi gives you internet access while on the go, you can also connect up to 5 devices using this free pocket Wi-Fi.

Sun Plan Coby Kyros Tablet and Pocket WiFi

Coby Kyros and Pocket Wi-Fi free at Sun Plan 450

Sun Plan 450
Get free Coby Kyros 8065 and a Pocket Wi-Fi
35 hours of  internet browsing
450 pesos monthly charge
Lock in period: 30 months

You can also avail these two devices on Sun Plan 899 that offers unlimited internet usage.

Sun Plan 899
Free Coby Kyros 8065 and a Pocket Wi-Fi
Unlimited internet browsing
899 pesos monthly charge
Lock in period: 24 months

Coby Kyros MID8065 quick specs

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
8-inch capacitive multi-touchscreen
1024 x 768 resolution
Dual Camera
Dual-Core 1.2 GHz processor
8GB internal storage

To avail Sun Plan 450 and Sun Plan 899, you can visit your nearest Sun Shop or you apply online. Just make sure to prepare all the requirements needed before proceeding to Sun Cellular.


Unknown said…
Nice offer by Sun. Hope I get approved
Anonymous said…
This promo sucks, what they gave was myphone pad2, slow, always hanged, 6-7 hours charging time and battery drains out in less than 8 hours even on sleep mode or not in use... very disappointing.
Rneli Blogs said…
The plan clearly states Coby Kyros 8065 as the included device. If they have given you a different plan then why have you accepted it? You sure that its this plan you signed for? I have Mypad 2 as well, youll just need to install battery saving software and memory booster to experience the MyPad's maximum performance.
Anonymous said…
What about the internet speed of pocket wifi? Is it good?
Anonymous said…
depends on your location afaik.. but if your place has the maximum 3g signal for sun, then i can assure you this is pretty fast.
Anonymous said…
35 hours of free internet, so if kapag naubos na yung free, pwede ng loadan right?
John Cyrill said…
postpaid yan. kaya pag lumagpas ka ng 35 hours, 6 pesos per hour ang charge. pag nasa 999 ka na. Unlimited na un.
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't recommend their Pocket Wifi Plan 899. I've been a subscriber for almost two months now, and I haven't used the service properly. The speed mentioned was up to 3.5 Mbps, but I am only getting between 10-30 Kbps. I called their TSR nine times (no kidding). The agents promised they would escalate my issue, and have their field techs call me back for a feedback, but nada. I even went to their business center to have them check up on my device, but nothing good ever happened. I'm a veteran tech support, so I knew what had to be done and all the technical stuff that could help resolve my issue. Suncellular is limiting the bandwidth to control the traffic, hence provided an unsatisfactory service. I was terribly disappointed at Sun's service, and still am. I am not the only customer who's not getting their money's worth.
Anonymous said…
I understand its P10.00 per 30 minutes. Thanks
Anonymous said…
you can reload the pocket wifi after you consumed the 35hrs.