Motorola CPEi 25725 Wi-Tribe modem default modem login password

Today, I have manage to try a Wi-Tribe modem to check how’s the speed of the broadband network provider has to offer. The model of the using which im using is Motorola CPEi 25725 that serves as a router modem to access 4G internet of Wi-Tribe. The Motorola WiMax modem is availed under Plan 998, that charges you 998 pesos per month and lets you experience a speed of up to 2 Mbps 4G technology. I tried doing a speed test but the result seems to be not good as what was promised by the provider. Then I tried logging in to the modem to check other modem details.

Motorola CPEi 25725 Wi-Tribe modem

How to access Wi-Tribe modem or router Login page

To login just type on your internet browser then hit enter. After that, you’ll be prompted to enter your password on the log-in page. 

Just type ‘motorola’ on the password field then click login. ( Do not include quotations on password - motorola is the default password on this Wi-Tribe modem )

After that you’ll be prompted to change your password, you can leave it as default or if you want to change just provide the desired password on the new login password field then confirm. 

Be sure to take note your new password, as it is required for you to gain access on the device configuration page the next time you enter