Globe Telecom fiber optic internet connectivity coverage covers premiere tourist destinations

Globe extends their fiber optics connectivity to Coron, Palawan as part of their modernization program. This is to cater subscribers having their vacation to that area and letting them experience high-speed fiber powered internet surfing, streaming and other social web activities. The fiber upgrades at Coron help strengthen network coverage considering that Palawan is one of our premiere tourist destinations.

Globe Telecom fiber optic internet connectivity
Globe and Huawei executives, along with community stakeholders, lead the cable landing activity in Coron, Palawan.

‘Boost network coverage –enhanced overall network performance’

As Globe technical adviser added.

“The submarine fiber connection in Coron forms part of our efforts to boost network coverage and augment capacity given increasing demand or connectivity even while our customers are on vacation and to enhance overall network performance”

The Coron submarine cable will be able to provide strong signal that support 3G, Evolved High-Speed Packet Access and HSPA+ that support Long Term Evolution connectivity that has a total transmission capacity of 9.6 terabits per second. This fiber optic technology is capable of transmitting 40 wavelengths at 40 gigabits per second per fiber pair and upgradable to 100 gigabits per second DWDM (dense wave division multiplexing). 

With this upgrade, Globe now can provide required bandwidth to their subscribers and can offer more reliable network services. This is part of company’s transformation program to rollout 12000 kilometers of fiber optic lines nationwide.