Globe brings Nokia Lumia 620 on their Postpaid Plan 999

You can now color your world with Globe’s latest addition on best ever mySuperPlan. Nokia Lumia 620 Windows phone is now available at Globe Telecom Postpaid Plan 999.

Nokia Lumia 620 on their Postpaid Plan 999
Globe offer Nokia Lumia 620 at Plan 999
One of the affordable phones introduced by Nokia early this year, device runs on Windows Phone 8 OS on 3.8 inch screen size. Experience live tiles at 800x480 resolution running on a dual core Snapdragon processor. Nokia Lumia 620 also features Smart Shoot and Cinemagraph to create motion on your captured images from its 5.0 megapixels camera.

Nokia Lumia 620 Globe mySuper Plan 999

Using mySuperPlan Plan 999 to avail this handset gives you 1700 worth of peso value every month. On that peso value, you can use it to avail gadget or the Nokia Lumia 620 which is worth 600 peso value. The peso value of the handset will be deducted to the peso value on Plan 999 giving you 1100 remaining PV. The remaining Peso Value can be use to avail like UnliSurf, All-net combos, texts and calls. Other remaining Peso Value will be your monthly consumables.

Nokia Lumia 620 is available under 24 months contract period with 100 pesos gadget cash out and 101 peso value remaining consumables per month.

Globe mySuperPlan 999 Nokia Lumia 620
Nokia Lumia 620 smartphone
Unlimited mobile internet browsing
101 peso value as consumable
 Nokia Lumia 620 Plan 999 Globe

You can also use remaining consumable to avail more combos. Or our sample mySuperPlan plan transaction we only used UnliSurf combo worth 999 peso value. You may change it base on your needs that fits your lifestyle.