Facebook to match up with Vine on rumored Instagram Vine-like video sharing functions

This is not new to those giant social networking sites, they can match up others popularity or acquire them to control the game. After Facebook acquired Instagram – popular photo sharing site, rumors are tossed that Instagram will step up to a Vine like video sharing functions. Allowing you to take a couple of second’s video and let you share to other social networking sites.
Instagram Vine-like Video

Instagram Vine-like video sharing cool for you

Knowing how popular Vine is, surely Facebook gets interested on how to adopt this kind of functions since their Instagram is only more on photo sharing and effects function. As reported at Techcrunch, Facebook will be having a press event on June 20 that talks about the new functions of Instagram. Still no confirmation if the said event is all about this topic, we’ll just wait on the mentioned date if and see if Facebook has something else to offer for their users.

What do you think about this new rumored Instagram feature? Is this cool for you or you will still use Vine on sharing videos? 
Source: Techcrunch