Transfer Files from/to your Samsung Galaxy Y via USB Mass Storage mode

Connect Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 on your computer to transfer important files like pictures, music, applications, downloaded files and other data from your memory card. Aside from using Bluetooth to transfer your files, the easiest and fastest way to do that process is by connecting your Galaxy Y to your computer via USB storage mode. All you have to do is connect your handset using the USB cable then plug it to your PC. With mass storage mode there is no need for you to install Kies or update CDC Abstract Control Model (ACM) driver needed when you connect your device any computer.

USB Mass Storage Mode SGY

How connect Samsung Galaxy Y on USB mass storage mode

1.Connect your phone to PC or laptop using USB cable.
2.Once you already connected, you will notice a USB icon located upper left side of your phone screen.
3.All you have to do is tap the USB icon going down to see the menu below.
USB Mass storage mode Menu

4.Select or tap on USB connect for you to transfer and copy files from your Samsung Galaxy Y
5.Next is you will see the USB mass storage menu asking you to tap the ‘Connect USB storage’ button.
6.Tap to connect. That’s it!

When you already connected in USB mass storage mode you will notice the Android icon will turn its color to orange/red.

You can now transfer and copy files from your Samsung Galaxy Y to your computer vice versa. Go to My Computer, then look for USB drive then click to browse the folders of your memory card. Copy and paste all the files you need to transfer.