Quick steps on how to Print Screen or Screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Show us your Samsung Galaxy Y phone screen by taking by capturing a screenshot on it. One of important features you want on your phone is the ability to capture or print sreenshot by just press ing a menu combination of your phone. Your Samsung Galaxy Y has this kind of feature where there is no need for you to install a third party application just to capture a screen shot of your phone. With just a 1-2 steps you are now able to save the image format of your phone screen.
Samsung Galaxy Y Screenshot

How to print Screen or capture screen shot on your Samsung Galaxy Y

1. Press and hold Home button for 1 second the press the Power button
2. Release both buttons and That’s it!

Samsung Galaxy Y Screenshot sample

If you did it correctly, you will see a pop up notification saying ‘Screen captured. Save as image file’.  If you did not successfully capture a screenshot, reasons are you take to longer seconds on pressing home button that end up showing ‘Task Manager’ or you quickly release the home button and press the power that causes to dim your screen.

If you didn’t succeed on your first try, maybe take another 2-3 times for you to perfectly press the menu combination. Captured images are automatically saved on your Gallery or you can go to My Files then look for ScreenCapture folder.

To transfer those images on your desktop or laptop, see how to Transfer Files from/to your Samsung Galaxy Y via USB Mass Storage mode.