Peso Value on Globe’s Best Ever MySuperPlan – Get more than what you pay for!

Globe Telecom recently unveiled their latest and affordable best ever MySuperPlan, this will take you to the level where you can get more than what you pay on your postpaid plan. This plan allow subscribers to fully customize and personalize their Globe Postpaid plan starting from contract period options, consumables, combo services and gadgets that fits your lifestyle.

Peso Value on Globe’s Best Ever MySuperPlan
When you avail best ever MySuperPlan you can now get a corresponding Peso Value that is almost twice the value of a prepaid load. You can use this Peso Value as additional monthly consumables or you can convert it to avail call, text, surfing services and free or discounted gadgets.

Globe best ever MySuperPlan and its Peso Value

Plan 299 with a P500 Peso Value per month
Plan 499 with P900 Peso Value
Plan 999 with P1700 Peso Value
Plan 1799 with P3200 Peso Value
Plan 2499 with P4400 Peso Value
Plan 3799 with P6500 Peso Value
Unli Plan with P200 Peso Value
Family Plan with P200 Peso Value

With best ever MySuper Plan, your Peso Value is used to select a device and a combo services. Like for example you avail plan 1799 with a Peso Value of P3200, you can use that peso value to select a gadget. After selecting a gadget your Peso Value will be deducted with monthly required PV of the device. The remaining Peso Value can be used to purchase a combos like call, text and mobile data. 

If you’re more on mobile browsing you can choose unlimited surfing combo that requires 999 Peso Value and if you’re more or call and text just choose Unli Calls and Texts combo which requires 599 Peso Value. Other remaining peso value with be treated as your monthly consumable, you cannot use that to purchase a Booosters on your plan.

“Now is definitely the best time to get a postpaid plan from Globe with our best-ever MySuperPlan, a next-level postpaid plan with fully-customizable plan components, bigger plan value, and more contract periods to choose from,” said Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid.