Guesswork matter, is it Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0, Skyfire HD, Skyfire 3D?

Cherry Mobile posted a teaser photo of their upcoming quad core smartphone which sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Since we don’t have much information about the price, specs and model name of this new phone, let’s do the guessing game. Anyone can post on what’s on your mind, is it Skyfire 2.0, Skyfire HD or Skyfire 3D? Based on their recent release of their Android phones, we’ve noticed that Cherry Mobile has the fashion of recalling their model names and adding a number or an acronym at the end. Like for example Cherry Mobile Flame, its successor is named as Flame 2.0 and Omega HD which named after Cherry Mobile Omega. Knowing those patterns add us an idea how they will name this latest device, plus the “Flying Once Again Soon” and “Gear up and soar high” tag line that will surely makes you think of their previous model called Skyfire.

Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0?

How will you name this latest quad core phone from Cherry Mobile

I’m sure by looking at the photo form Cherry Mobile you’ll agree with me that the word printed in blurred style is ‘SKYFIRE’. This means that the model is name after their dual core phone with Ice Cream Sandwich OS and 4.7 screen display called Skyfire.

What we trying to guess now is the next name (number, acronym or letter), I came up to the closest choices based on the trend of mobile names.

Here’s our possible choices:

1.Skyfire 2.0
2.Skyfire HD
3.Skyfire 3D

Some says it’s the competitor of MyPhone’s first quad core Android phone called  A919i Duo which has the sale price of P7990 during its release date. Other says that this latest Cherry Mobile phone is the rebranded Karbonn S5 while some says it‘s i-Mobile IQ 5.1 which is both equipped with Snapdragon processor and loaded with Jelly bean OS. Start guessing guys!