Globe WiMax Fraudster Arrested for Offering free Internet Connection

Joint buy bust operation of Globe Telecom security and police authorities, they arrested 5 five people allegedly involved of offering internet with no monthly bills using Globe Tattoo WIMAX modems. Their modus is to offer an upgrade from legitimate subscribers, by pulling out and reconfiguring the WIMAX modem will charge you a one-time cost payment to avail this illegal service.
Globe Tattoo WIMAX

Globe WiMax fraudster Arrested 

A resident from Las Pinas City named Jose Narcida is alleged to be behind of this illegal activity. After conducting investigation and following numerous illegal activity reports, Globe Security, Anti-Fraud Investigation division together with Police personnel conducted an entrapment operation. A successful operation resulted to the arrest of Reynald Denapo a resident of Dasmarinas Cavite, who’s in the possession of offering Globe WIMAX modem for only P3500.

On the next day, Jose Narcida also arrested on follow up entrapment operation and found out that he’s been working as a repairman on Teleserbis Corp.  The said company is currently engaged on third party agreement with Globe. Narcida arrested in possession of two Globe WIMAX modem and admitted for selling reconfigured modems.

As part of Globe Telecom’s continuous work to resolve this illegal activity, another joint entrapment operation conducted which leads to the arrest of 3 suspects. Two of them are employees of accredited Globe contractor company Visa Tech. Those were Mark Villanueva and Francisco Espino, both are residents of Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite. The other one is Christopher Viado who is working as a sales agent also a residing in Cavite.

With this issue, Head of Globe Corporate Legal Service Group added that “Legitimate subscription of Globe products and services are available through Globe-authorized sellers and distributors as well as in numerous Globe Stores nationwide.”


  1. Anonymous5/14/2013

    Petty thieves can be easily sacked, but how about the legal corporate crime syndicates, they usually do away with their crimes. Maybe some people patronize these "pirates" to get even with the large corporations who usually "steal" in the broad daylight by means of the the delivery of crappy internet service

    1. Anonymous2/21/2015

      That's Right.. Anonymous one...


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