Flexibundles – Smart’s Flexible Postpaid Plan Add-on Bundles

Smart just announced their new kind kind of postpaid service that lets you add affordable bundles on your selected plan. This lets you personalize or maximize Smart services like calls, texts and internet surfing on your plan without worrying extra exceeded charges.

Smart Flexibundles TV commercial features Anne Curtis shopping with Smart’s postpaid bundles that ended up paying at affordable price with the help of Flexibundles.

How Smart Postpaid Flexibundles work

Smart’s Flexibundles offers over 20 add on bundles you can choose to fit your needs on a best value package. Seeing their online Flexibundle planner, all Smart phones and devices are in the same plan the way it was being offered on their postpaid. Like for example iPhone 5 which is offered free on Plan 2499, using Flexibundles you can only maximize your plan in affordable way. You will pay P2499 for iPhone 5 with 300 minutes of calls, 300 SMS and unlimited data, Flexibundles will only apply if you want more on those bundled services. Basically, Flexibundles is on top of your monthly bill.

One thing I noticed with Flexibundles if you’re not on unlimited data plan or you’re selected plan doesn’t bundled unli data is that you will pay for P1200 just to add unlimited internet browsing. I think is way too expensive to be added as a Flexibundles.

Both giant network provider here in Philippines now offers personalize, customizable and affordable postpaid plan. Globe also recently launched their best ever MySuperPlan, now Smart also offer this Flexibundles.