Titan TV from Cherry Mobile will also receive a Jelly Bean Update

After Cherry Mobile announced that their Cherry Mobile Titan would receive Android Jelly Bean update, early today Cherry Mobile posted a photo on their Facebook page saying that Titan TV will also receive the same update on April 15. If you are asking how to update your Titan TV, as indicated on their post you can go and visit your nearest Cherry Mobile service center for this Android update. No over the air (OTA) update to Jelly Bean option provided by Cherry Mobile, we’ll just hope that they will think of that option to give best user experience on their products.

Cherry Mobile Titan TV Jellybean

Will Cherry Mobile Update Flare and other devices to Jellybean

Cherry Mobile still continue to update their Android devices with the latest flavor of Android OS. As we mentioned before Flare, Burst, and Thunder users are still waiting and hoping that they will announced update on their device. Hope Cherry Mobile will provide updates on other devices including Flare as users are flooding comments on their page just to get the attention of CM about Jelly Bean update.

Why update your device to Jellybean?

Lot of users also asking about that, for you to know about Jelly Bean features I will provide you a link where you can check and compare your current OS to Jellybean. If your device is currently running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich you may see this link first to know your OS features and highlights. Once done, you can now compare it to the updated Android Jelly Bean OS and see the difference over here.