Globe Telecom @Talk2Globe Twitter Account listed as a finalist in Shorty Awards

Shorty Awards is a annual awards event honoring the best people and organizations who produces real time content in social media like Twitter, Facebook , YouTube, Foursquare and Tumblr. To celebrate this event Short Awards presented the list of nominees where Globe Telecom (@Talk2Globe) Twitter account listed as a finalist in Best Use of Social Media for Customer Service category.

Shorty Awards Globe Telecom @ Talk2Globe

Globe Telecom: Striking Meaningful Conversations & Building Relationships On Twitter

Globe makes extra effort on extending their customer service to social media like Twitter  for them to able to quickly communicate with customer. Dealing with social media is a big challenge for a company in terms of customer service, customers can directly ask , write  and even say anything about your brands in public whether brand related or  not. With that challenge, Globe was able to handle for sake of customer convenience.

Miggy dela Cruz, Head of Customer Communication & Knowledge Management of Globe added,

By capitalizing on new trends in social media spaces like Twitter and Facebook as a means to help its subscribers, Globe has taken customer service beyond the hotline and store. Nowadays, customers turn to social media like Twitter to air their concerns. This is why Globe wants to be where the customers are, quickly responding to any cry for help even when the brand is not directly mentioned. Our customers on Twitter and Facebook now experience this convenience since we’ve stepped-up the level of our online customer service channels,

According to SocialBaker, Globe has the 2nd most influential brand account in the country. This is all thanks to Globe’s initiative to expand its reach across the social web through the combined synergies of a powerful social media engagement tool and a team of Online Specialists who proactively engage customers on Twitter 24/7. These efforts enable Globe to humanize and personalize the customer experience over social media, which ultimately allows the building of one-to-one relationships with online customers,

Shorty Awards winners will be announced on April 8 in New York, or you can visit for details and more about the finalist.