Cherry Mobile Titan to Receive an Android Jelly Bean Update

If you’re a Cherry Mobile Titan user here’s a good news for you as Cherry Mobile announces that Titan will receive a Jellybean update. Titan users will now experience the new features from this new Android OS updates and may benefit the fixes from the previous Android version. As posted on their Facebook page you can visit your nearest Cherry Mobile service center starting April 15 and bring along your device to be updated with Jelly Bean software.

Cherry Mobile Titan Jellybean Update

How about other Android phones from Cherry Mobile

Lot of Android fans and users are happy when a mobile receive an official update from the manufacturer as it means that they continue to improve the products they are selling and aim for good customer experience. Same with what Cherry Mobile trying to achieve, they continue to improve user experience not only in terms of releasing latest competitive specs and in terms of features.  

As Cherry Mobile continue to release updates on their Android devices, owners of Cherry Mobile Android phones who haven’t receive a official update to Jelly Bean is still hoping and wanting for that thing to happen. With this update release Cherry Mobile Facebook page receives lot of comments for other model users like Cherry Mobile Flare which is known as ‘Dual Core ng Bayan’ asking for Jelly Bean update. Locally, Cherry Mobile Flare captures the Filipino Android fans not just in price but also with the specifications in it.  

Other Cherry Mobile users waiting for update to Android Jelly bean are Burst, Thunder and Titan TV. We’ll just hope Cherry Mobile will officially announce updates for this devices and with other units also. 

If you already updated your Cherry Mobile Titan device to Android Jelly Bean, feel free to post your  new OS experience and update us about fixes and other issues for others to know.


  1. Anonymous4/11/2013

    Ano mangyayari kapag naging jelly bean na?

  2. Ques: po yung Cherry Mobile W8 po pwde po b maging Android?


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