3GB Monthly Capped on PLDT MyBro Plan 499 with the speed of up to 512Kbps

Lot of surfing plan and promo offers on our local service providers, Smart recently launched their  prepaid unlimited LTE offers, Globe also offers Powersurf using their Globe Tattoo broadband and  Sun Cellular offers weekend unlimited surf promo. In this post will talk about less expensive internet plan offered by PLDT called myBro 499, for only 499 pesos per month you can now unlimited internet surfing anytime. Speed of up to 512Kbps is good enough to browse your favorite sites and a monthly capped of 3GB is enough if you’re a basic internet user.  With that kind of amount, I think it is better than registering unlimited surfing promos to other networks that cost P50 per day.
PLDT myBro Plan 499

PLDT MyBro Plan 499 specs and features

When you avail to myBro Plan 499, PLDT will give you easy to install WiMax Pocket modem that is designed for a single user only. For you to share your internet connection to other users you’ll need to use third party software like Connectify.

Device: Free WiMax Pocket Modem
Connection: Fixed Wireless
Surfing Hours: Unlimited
Speed: 512kbps
Monthly Usage/ Volume: 3GB
Free installation fee
Monthly Service Fee: P499
24 months lock-in period

The device is handy just like other USB broadband where you can bring it anywhere you go, though PLDT says that WiMax Pocket modem is designed to be used at home you can also used it anywhere you want but they will not assure about the quality internet connection. About checking of your remaining usage balance, you can use the myBrometer to inquire.

For more details like additional volume usage and other FAQs your visit myBro or you can also call your nearest PLDT Service centers.


  1. Anonymous5/21/2013

    How do you define unlimitted?

  2. Anonymous5/22/2013

    unlimitted with 3gb monthly capped? that sucks!

  3. i think the unlimited they're trying to say is when you already consume the 3gb capped you can still surf in unlimited, but you will now be charge on the top of your 499php bill. ex: 1hr of surfing = 20pesos. now your bill will be 499+20 = 519php


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