Saturday and Sunday Sun Cellular Unlimited Surfing Promo with Sun Broadband Weekend Booster Loads

Thinking of what to do this weekend? Here’s the answer for you, from Sun Cellular newest Sun Broadband promo called Sun Broadband Weekend Booster loads. You can enjoy unlimited internet using your Sun Broadband during weekends for only P75 valid on Saturday and Sunday only. To avail this weekend unlimited internet browsing promos just send the keyword of Sun Broadband Weekend Booster Loads provided below.

Sun Broadband Weekend Booster Loads

How to register Sun Broadband Weekend BoosterLoads

Weekend Booster 75

2 days Unlimited Internet (Saturday and Sunday)
Only P75
Keyword or code:
Just WE75 and send to 247

Weekend Booster 200

Unlimited Internet for 4 consecutive Saturdays and Sundays
Only P200
Keyword or code:
Just WE200 and send to 247

*Subscribers can load Sun Broadband Weekend Booster Loads during the weekends. However, the unlimited inclusion will only take effect beginning the immediate Saturday.

*Sun Broadband Weekend Booster loads are available only through Sun Broadband Postpaid metered/lite plans (Plan 250, 299, 350, 450, MyWiFi Plan 495, and Gadget Plan 799).
For more information, just read Sun Broadband Weekend Booster Loads