Latest Blackbery Z10 offered free on Smart Postpaid Unli Data Plan 2000

The newly launched device from Blackberry ‘Blackberry Z10’ is going to be available free on Smart Postpaid Unli Data Plan 2000. We recently post Blackberry Z10 price in Philppines and now Smart offer it free on one of their postpaid plan. As seen on their poster, Blackberry Z10 free at Unli Data Plan from Smart is coming very soon. They also offer no cash out for the first 200 applications.
Blackbery Z10

Blackberyy Z10 Smart Postpaid Unli Data Plan

Unli Data Plan 2000
200 Free texts
150 minutes free calls
Unlimited Mobile Internet Browsing

With your Blackberry Z10 Unli Data  Plan 2000, you can always get connected to your social friends, receive messages and emails, video chat and a free calls and texts.

Source: @SMARTPromos