How to Fix 'Error by installing virtual network drivers. Retry' When Installing OpenVPN Portable

If you’re experiencing this kind of error using OpenVPN portable, this post might help you to troubleshoot the problem. Error 'Error by installing virtual network drivers. Retry' pop out during the installation process of your OpenVPN portarble on WIndos XP, 7-32 or 64bit asking you to install virtual network drivers. This happens when your computer or laptop does not have right TAP virtual adapter installed. To help you solve this problem you mind find troubleshooting fix below.

Error by installing virtual network drivers

How to fix ‘Error by installing virtual network drivers. Retry'

Method 1.

  1. Install OpenVPN TAP virtual Ethernet adapter by downloading OpenVPN software here.
  2. Select which version of OS you are using, 32-bit or 64-bit on the download options provided.
    Open VPN 32 or 64 bit option
  3. Click on the .exe link to download the file.
  4. After finish downloading, let’s now install the OpenVPN. Click to run when you’re using Windows XP, run as administrator when you’re using Windows 7.
  5. Follow the installation wizard until you reach the options to ‘Choose Components’
  6. From there, you can see ‘ TAP Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ in one of the components, that’s what we need to install the OpenVPN portable.
    TAP Virtual Ethernet Adapter
  7. You can select only ‘ TAP Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ then click Next to continue installing or you can also install all components in OpenVPN.
  8. Once finished, you can now try running your OpenVPN portable.

Other options in troubleshooting the problem

Method 2.

Right click My Computer, click Manage then go to Device Manager, point to Network Adapters and look for 'TAP Windows Adapter' then right Click>Properties>Driver>Update Driver>Update Driver Automatically.

Method 3.

If you’re using Windows 7 when installing OPenVPN portable make sure to right first then select  ‘Run As Administrator’ option.