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Globe Tipid International Calls with GoTIPIDD Discounted Per-Minute Rates IDD Calls Promo

Globe Telecom  is offering their lowest per minute IDD rates on international call from Philippines. GoTIPIDD is a  promo  offer from Globe to all their prepaid subscribers to enjoy …
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Globe Telecom is offering their lowest per minute IDD rates on international call from Philippines. GoTIPIDD is a promo offer from Globe to all their prepaid subscribers to enjoy discounted IDD call rates in a hassle free way. Registration to this promo is now made easy as there is no need for you to buy a tipIDD card, just load up your sim and you are ready to avail this promo straight from you phone. To register you may find keywords or code below.


How to Register Globe GoTIPIDD

To register:

Just text GOTIPIDD<amount> and send to 8080

Text GOTIPIDD30 to 8080

GoTIPIDD is alson available on the following denominations:

GO tipIDD 30     
Just text GOTIPIDD30 to 8080
Valid for 3 days
GO tipIDD 50     
Just text GOTIPIDD50 to 8080
Valid for 7 days
GO tipIDD 100
Just text GOTIPIDD100 to 8080
Valid for 15 days

You can also register GoTIPIDD by dialling *143#

1. Dial *143# and press call
2.Select option 4 then select 1
3.Choose from options 2,3 and 4.

How to dial international number when you avail Globe Go TIPIDD

How to call a landline:
Dial 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number

How to call a mobile number:
Dial 00 + Country Code + Mobile Number

Globe GoTIPIDD Call Rates

P2.50 / min - to US**, Canada and Hong Kong, China
P5.00 / min - to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea
P8.00 / min - to Italy, UK, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain
$0.40 / min - to all other countries*** (Source: Globe Telecom GoTIPIDD)


Unknown said…
i tried calling my boyfriend's number but my call just can't go through...

i did try by dialing 9710915*******...
Anonymous said…
hi. it should be like this??? 109173456769 or like this? 00109173456769?
Anonymous said…
No need to put 00 infront... let's say you're calling a USA mobile #... Just put 1 (as it is their country code) infront of their mobile # and press dial... That should work... I just used it now. :)
Anonymous said…
How about calling to China? It says number dialed is incorrect :(
Anonymous said…
how to dial in bahrain
Unknown said…
how to dial Thailand please??
Unknown said…
What about dialling to saudi how is it to be dialed?
Unknown said…
How about philippines to saudi
Unknown said…
How to call saudi?
Unknown said…
How to register Golobe tipIDD card. I follow the instruction at back but it didn't work..can please someone tell me how to reg. I dial 1286 and it says I dont have enough balance, which in the first place,that is why i bought this card.
Roskva McGregor said…
Thanks for posting this. It really worked!
Unknown said…
How about calling in palau micronesia what should i dial.