Easy Way To Load Your Prepaid Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular Sim Online Even if You Work Abroad Using FonMoney

Cellphones are a part of our life, it cannot be ignored that more and more people are using smartphones everyday and therefore the need for more and more load. Calls, SMS, Internet browsing they all seem to munch away your cellphone load.

Fonmoney Philippines Online Loading Portal
image by: www.fonmoney.com
There are many ways to load your mobile phones. For example, you can buy a load from the retailer around the corner, ask a friend or a family to pass or share a load and so on. However there is also the online load. It’s the era of Internet and everything happens there.

For many, this is not a new story; lots of people load their cellphones through Internet portals. It’s an easy solution, just sit in your home and load your cellphones.

It can also be a perfect way to send a load to your friend or your family and this concept makes even more sense to the people living and working abroad. What better way to send a small amount to your friend or cousin back home when you are living abroad?

Easy way to load your Prepaid Sim Online

A lot of people living abroad actually do this in a regular basis. By loading 1000 ₱ of one family member who in return shares the load among the family members.

Lot of websites provides this service but the one I found was Fonmoney. Fonmoney is fast and simple and it does not require you to register, which means no annoying newsletters spamming your mail account. You can load Smart, Suncellular or Globe prepaid with 300, 500 or 1000 ₱. Available modes of payment are through credit cards, direct transfer through the bank and through Paysafe card.

It also has its Facebook page, which has some great stuff about the Philippines. This is particularly interesting for people living and working abroad so that they can keep in touch with their motherland.

Services like these are great, especially in those times that you need to send a small gift to someone back in the Philippines, say for a friends birthday or when your little brother passed his exams.


  1. Anonymous5/27/2013

    i am living in Pakistan and will try to load on globe sim with my credit card, but whenever i will try to charge my credit card it will be give me a transaction error, do u know about any other site, will u please tell me about that


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